VIE, is a Social Competition Platform

engaging non-profit organizations, corporations, sports industry, consumers, and sports enthusiasts to connect, compete, & contribute through Real-2-Virtual™ competitions


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VIE is a solution to

Engage new and existing consumers through Real-2-Virtual™ competitions to mobilize the masses, enhance brand loyalty, and raise funds for charity

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VIE is a Fundraising Solution for


Sustainable Fundraising. Reduce the cost of development activities and increase the power of your fundraising, adding fun and innovative social activities to the mix. Increase retention of existing donors and attract new ones by incentivizing participation and leveraging social networks through sweepstakes, prizes, and the power of social competition. Increase your effectiveness, financial efficiency, and overall reach with VIE’s cutting-edge behavioral analytics.
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VIE is an Enterprise Solution for


Build Brand Loyalty. Increase contextual access to customers through Real-2-Virtual™ competitions. VIE is the perfect digital channel for product promotion and building brand loyalty by linking your corporate image to the cause or charity your company supports. Increase sponsorship value while supporting corporate social responsibility initiatives with a thriving online community.
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VIE is Pro Solution for


Build Fan Loyalty. Increase, ticket, event, participation, and merchandise sales by engaging your fan base in Real-2-Virtual™ social competitions. Enhance the corporate sponsorship experience and increase player recognition. Build customer profiles with advanced segmentation and your branded VIEClub community through our game-changing, social competition platform.
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VIE is a Sports Social Network for


Compete for Fun, Prizes, & Charity. VIE allows consumers to create or enter competitions for fun and to raise money for a charity of their choice. They can play real sports, games, or any contest imaginable… anytime, anywhere, and with anyone across the globe. VIE allows them to compete virtually and compare ‘normalized’ scores to determine the winner of amazing prizes, awards, and social prestige. GAME ON!

Real-2-Virtual™ Competitions

Game Changing Technology To Engage Donors, Customers, & Sports Enthusiasts Worldwide


1. Build Your Organization’s Profile

Through your VIE Organization Profile, tell your company or non-profit’s story to your customer/donor base and gain access to other VIE members who already have an affinity for connecting, competing, and contributing.

  • Resonate with your existing and future community through your own compelling Mission
  • Provide engaging content about your organization to build your brand and convert browsers into supporters
  • Connect your donors/customers with links to and from your own content in other social networks or on the web
  • Build social proof by featuring testimonials and interactions

2. Increase Reach with Your Organization’s VIEClubs

Engage current and future donors & customers with fun competitions and social activity through your own VIEClub.

  • Celebrate top performers and fundraisers within your VIE community
  • Feature and promote your current VIE Events
  • Stream multiple feeds of information from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Youtube, Pinterest, Blogs, and more
  • Increase your members engagement and build participation from photos, comments, and ongoing competitions


1. Invite & Leverage Global Community

People from around the world can scour the globe with the click of a button to participate in competitions and fundraising. Play Their Sport. Where they are. When they want, competing with anyone… Anywhere. Anytime. Worldwide.

  • Gain access to a pool of fundraising participants far beyond traditional events
  • Increase reach to donors & customers by hosting global events in the comfort of the participant’s backyard
  • Leverage each participant’s circle of influence through social networks by inviting friends, classmates, and associates

2. Allow Micro Participation

Gives individual supporters the power to take fundraising into their own hands by creating or joining micro events to support your cause. Your VIEClubs can also create Real-2-Virtual™ (R2V™) competitions achieving a greater reach through all your Club members.

  • Reach a wide audience through VIE’s expansive library of sports and other activities
  • Increase participation by allowing members to participate in a competition anywhere and at any time between the start and end date and time of the competition.
  • Leverage widespread micro involvement by allowing participants to specify a suggested donation, a minimum donation, or an open event to grow organically
  • Social networks magnify many small contributions to make a big difference


1. VIEAthon™ Technology Maximizes Your Impact

VIE changes the game on the traditional ‘athon’ by allowing competitions for running, swimming, reading, and more. Make it happen anytime, anywhere, and with anyone around the globe.

  • Gain access to a global community to raise funds, spread your brand, and communicate your commitment to corporate social responsibility
  • Get greater traction and cool donor burnout with flexible fund raising events
  • Expand your existing event to include R2V™ participation anywhere at anytime
  • Drive valuable friend-to-friend donation asks across web and mobile devices

2. Tracking Efforts With VIEAthon™

Your organization and fundraisers see at a glance how the combined fundraising efforts and event participation stack up throughout the VIEAthon™ in the global leader board.

  • Track top fundraisers and competitors and build relationships with them for greater long-term leverage
  • Identify and track top virtual influencers and see the impact of their social networks
  • Increase fundraiser motivation through goal tracking which allows competitors to compare results to others around the globe
  • Incentivize fundraisers to donate to cross the finish line with visual fundraising goals prominently displayed


1. Experience the VIE-ral™ Effect

Along with your existing fans, VIE’s channels enable you to reach the width and breadth of your future fan base potential. Encourage rich, user-generated brand-related content to deepen awareness of your brand and use VIE’s easy-to-use tools to curate consistent content with big social media impact.

  • Leverage 25% donation conversion rates standard through peer-to-peer asks
  • Resonate with the maximum fan base possible through meaningful, cause-based, fun, and prize-stocked competitions to encourage participants to spread the word
  • Use fewer internal resources to promote events with VIE’s seamless integration with Facebook, Twitter, email, and other social media networks.
  • Reach a new pool of potential fans where they live… online
  • Identify and sponsor the most popular competition types on VIE to encourage new participants.

2. Create Brand Centric User Generated Content

Build and multiply your organization’s image and reach through user-generated, curated social sharing and rich media content. Multiply the power of your brand and curate continuity with messaging and rich media.

  • Magnify your social branding with your VIEClub page by streaming branded, user-generated content from events on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more
  • Build your customer/donor base by engaging existing VIE members to invite their friends and associates to donate to your cause
  • Publicize events to VIE members who don’t yet follow you
  • Increase likelihood of viral movements and PR wins for your brand


1. Fun Through Competition

Provide an innovative and fun way to engage with your existing and future fan base while applying gamification principles to retain players, creating ‘app stickiness’ by leveraging a participant’s desire to connect, compete, and contribute.

  • Encourage fierce fundraising competition with rankings & leader boards
  • Create enthusiastic interaction through chatter, cheers, trash talk, and open conversation
  • Keep fundraising fun and make competing more meaningful by encouraging bragging through normalizing scores using the dynamic ELO Ranking system
  • Create loyalty through your VIEClub™, the social hub for your organization during events and all year round

2. Winning Amazing Awards & Prizes

There are many ways to create a win-win for you and your customer/donor/fan. Spur participation and social sharing by matching fundraising with the chance to win great prizes through competitive sport rankings, fundraising efforts, or by entering amazing sweepstakes.

  • Create consumer interest with prizes so good, you’ll even want to enter yourself!
  • Encourage virality by incentivizing social shares with sweepstake entry multipliers
  • Promote ongoing participation with badges & achievements to encourage retention through VIE’s added game mechanics.
  • When you deliver fantastic prizes, create a social and PR buzz for your cause and brand


1. Automate Your Marketing

VIE gives you insider access to the wealth of knowledge surrounding increased participation in fundraising using a scalable, powerful marketing automation technology without you needing to add additional resources to marketing activities. It’s all done for you.

  • Automate event promotion
  • Maintain relationships between events
  • Gain access to new customers
  • Leverage an existing and proven email and telesales strategy that converts

2. Understand Your Customer/Donor Base

Build out customer profiles with rich behavioral analytics, specifically as they pertain to trends, donation amounts, participation-to-donation ratio, and more so you can engage in dynamic contextual target marketing.

  • Identify your top influencers
  • See at a glance donor and customer participation and giving history
  • Glean social sharing trends
  • Identify your top brand advocates and evangelists

Introducing the Rockstar Team at VIE Sports

We believe competition can change the world through making giving a fun, social experience leveraging the power of technology and intrinsic human forces.

Steven Schwartz

President & Founder

Mr. Schwartz is the founder of VIE sports and an accomplished executive and entrepreneur in the US and international golf industry. He’s an expert in sports marketing and a thought leader in emerging online golf technology solutions. Formerly, Steven was CEO of international, director of operations of CourseCo, Inc., CEO of GolfNet in the US, and led the merger of GolfNet and Golf Intelligence to create the largest commercial handicap services provider in North America. Steven is a graduate of Stanford, with a Bachelors of Arts in Economics, an avid golfer and widely recognized as the world’s biggest Cardinal fan.

Terry Shanley

VP Business Development

Mr. Shanley has 20 + years of executive management experience in corporate and non-profit organizations including Managing Director Cushman & Wakefield; community volunteer responsible for raising $millions for non-profits including American Cancer Society, Providence Cancer Center and SMART (Start Making a Reader Today); Board Chair (ex officio) Oregon Sports Authority, State of Oregon Literacy Board, Portland Children’s Museum, PSU Real Estate School and others. Multi-sport athlete, former member of United States wrestling team.

Kim Bradford

VP Client Services

Ms. Bradford has 25+ years experience in marketing and finance with real estate syndication and brokerage with Merrill Lynch & Morgan Stanley. Kim worked with the US Senate Republican Senatorial Committee, and later with the White House Advance Team under George W. Bush. Passionate about community, she founded the 13th chapter of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation where she masterminded “On Course for the Cure,” a national LGPA tour stop which grew into “Race for the Cure”. Kim received a B.S. in Political Science from the University of Oregon and relishes an opportunity to play golf with her daughter.

Eric Yaillen

VP Product Marketing

For more than 20 years, Mr. Yaillen has been a “fun broker,” engaging customers in building memorable experiences ranging from Ringling Bros. Circus and Disney on Ice, to golf competitions.. A recognized leader in strategic marketing and implementing emerging technologies, Eric recently served as Executive Director of the Southern Nevada Golf  Association.  Lauded for creating the CRM/Marketing Automation system initiative for the United States Golf Association, he also helped develop systems for Aspen Software and the PGA of America. He’s the consummate “cheese head” and a graduate of Drake University.

The VIE Sports Advisory Team

Ian Hamilton

Served as Global Director of Tennis Sports Marketing for Nike, Inc. for 17 years. Responsible for creating more than one billion dollars in product sales, signing and promoting a roster of high-profile Nike luminaries such as John McEnroe, Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras, Jim Courier and Mary Pierce. Commissioner of the Professional Bowlers Association. President, Planet Hollywood International’s All Star Café

Steve Karakas

NONBOX, which specializes in technology and sports marketing. NONBOX has worked with Adidas, Wahoo Fitness, Power Plate, Devine Sports and Danner Boots. Former partner in Karakas VanSickle Ouellette, (KVO) one of the largest technology agencies in the Pacific Northwest. Mr. Karakas earned AB in Political Science at the University of California, Berkeley and MBA from Portland State University

Ed Ellis

Served as President and COO for Peter Jacobsen Productions, full-service sports and entertainment and marketing firm. Director of the Western Golf Association and past Chairman of the Board of Directors for the University of Oregon James H. Warsaw Sports Marketing Center. Mr. Ellis earned BA in Economics, University of Oregon.

Nathalie Jeanson

Founder of Le Grand Club, Paris-based golf marketing and development company, European Amateur Golf Champion and member of European & Japan LPGA and French Ryder Cup Committee. Ms. Jeanson earned BA in Linguistics from USC

  • The most innovative fundraising solution we’ve seen
    CEO Boys & Girls Club of Oregon/SW Washington

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